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I am a home-based travel agent with one goal - to provide you with the best vacation experience possible. And as always - there is no charge for my services!!


Online travel websites may seem like an easy option for booking travel but without personal customer service, some people who book trips online can end up frustrated, confused and dissatisfied. This is where I can step in to help!

Personalized Service

My time and effort is devoted to making sure clients are happy and satisfied with their travel options. If any questions, concerns or assistance is needed, I am only a phone call, text message, or email away. My clients will always receive immediate attention when they need it.

Customer Advocate

In the rare case that something on a trip doesn’t go as planned, I am always available to help resolve the problem, so you don't have to stress! Remember, I work for you, the client, not the vendor - so my main concern is always your specific needs. 

My Disney Planning Services

  • Helping choose the right Disney resort & best ticket options and/or packages for your visit

  • Customized daily itineraries based on your interests and preferences

  • Dining Recommendations & assistance with booking dining reservations

  • Guidance on Lightning Lane process and recommendations for Lightning Lane attractions

  • Assistance with My Disney Experience

  • Discount Watching! I am notified of promotions/discounts offered by Disney and will make price adjustments to get you the best deal, even after your trip is booked!

  • Additional Tips and Suggestions to help plan the perfect Disney Trip!


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